Man Builds A Giant “Furmula 1 Grand Prix” Racetrack For Squirrels In His Backyard

Steve Barley and his son have been getting attention ever since they constructed their first obstacle course for squirrels nine years ago. Their first course was rather simple, but the courses have only continued to get more and more complex.

“Nearly 10 years on, my back garden challenges for our furry friends have become bigger and more elaborate or, as my wife puts it — ‘Really, this is getting out of hand,’” Barley wrote on his YouTube page.

Behold their latest creation…“Furmula 1 Squirrel Grand Prix”!

Barley and his family love all the attention they’re getting and the fact that the squirrels are having the time of their lives. They even have a name for the squirrel with the most impressive run: Lewis Scrambleton.

We cannot believe Lewis’ determination. From the looks of it, you would think he had been practicing for this moment for years!

“Beautifully handled there, he’s really getting to grips with the track,” Barley

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Steve decided to include a “nut stop” so that the squirrels would have the chance to stop and refuel. Once Lewis made his way through the final tunnel, he had completed the course in record time.

We can’t wait to see what his next course looks like! Check out Lewis Scrambleton and his award-winning run down “Furmula 1 Squirrel Grand Prix”.

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