Need A Used Kitty? This Shelter’s Commercial Is So Bad It’s Completely Irresistible!

Admit it, those annoying local car lot commercials are always worth a little chuckle. They are just so earnest and silly. From the wacky inflatable tube men waving in front of the car lot, to the overly enthusiastic salesman, it’s hard not to laugh at the formula. Well, Furkids Animal Rescue and Shelters in Atlanta, Georgia decided to take inspiration from the obviously successful genre and made their own version promoting something far better than a used car- Animal Adoptions!

The advertisement is delightfully low budget, but it makes up for lack of spectacle with plenty of heart, and a LOT of kittens! Local Paul Preston took up the mantle of host and does his best to present all the features one can get with a cat from Furkids. From having the blackest black cats, to a self-cleaning option included with every cat, Furkids animals have EVERYTHING you could need.

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