15 Photos Of Dogs Sitting Like Humans

Our dogs mean the world to us. But that doesn’t mean that sometimes they can’t be a little weird. Sometimes it seems as though our pets have us all figured out, while we’re still trying to make sense of their actions. Our pets sometimes act much more like humans than actual pets. How many of us have had moments where our pets seem to be copying us? It’s pretty freaky.

The most notable way that pets seem to copy our behaviors is to sit in similar manners to us. And seeing a pet look like a human is quite a bizarre sight. But it’s also quite funny. Check out the fifteen funniest pets below:

1. Why this position?

Ever seen someone have a little too much to drink and they’re just sitting in the corner of the bar buzzing? That is what this pup looks like.

Photo: Twitter / Marshmallowmatty

2. The judgement is strong.

This little dog might be sitting in a strange position, but his squinty eyes say that he’s judging you right back.

Photo: Twitter / Animeisgreat123

3. Strange but cute.

This little guy might be looking strange in his chosen seated position, but he looks quite adorable. I think it’s because he’s so small.

Photo: Twitter / jahday412

4. This guy’s position.

Not only is this little guy sitting in a strange position but his expression is also pulling focus. We can’t help but wonder what he’s thinking about his sitting position.

Photo: Twitter / creynoldsnc

5. This wholesome boy.

He looks so happy about how he’s sitting. Just look at that smiling face.

6. Yoga dogs.

These three pooches all look like they’re sitting in some kind go yoga position, rather than a normal dog position. It’s quite bizarre but cute. We can get behind it.

7. Strange little pooch.

This dog’s owner even called out their dog for being a “weirdo” based off the way the dog sits. But we think this pup is the cutest weirdo around.

Photo: Twitter / stephhdinero

8. Video evidence.

A lot of times you just see the strangeness of a human-like dog in a photo. This makes it even better with a video.

9. Catch my good side.

This little Frenchie looks like he’s wanting the best side of him photographed. Just look at that pose – he’s so ready for the ‘gram.

Photo: Twitter / diegosilva_

10. Problem?

This pooch has an undeniably human appearance to his seated position. He also looks like he’s ready to take it outside if you’ve got a problem with the way he sits.

Photo: Twitter / RKVtheSenator

11. Meet Susan.

Isn’t she just the cutest? Susan looks like the introvert at your local coffee shop who’s getting ready to put in her order.

Photo: Tiwtter / lxsfx

12. Silly pooch.

What’s better than a dog looking like he’s human? A silly pup with a funny expression on his face. It makes the strange little seated position that much cuter.

Photo: Twitter / HallieMorgan15

13. Twins.

We can’t really spot the difference here. This dog is doing a wonderful job of imitating his owner.

Photo: Twitter / _KC20_

14. Caught in the act.

This one is adorable. This little pup thought he was all alone. And then he got caught on the couch pretending to be human. It’s got to feel the same as being caught singing karaoke into your hairbrush.

Photo: Twitter / tansinamy

15. This can’t be comfortable.

This little pooch sitting with his legs out straight can’t be comfortable. There is no way. But he insists on sitting this way so I guess what ever makes you happy? The side eye is also quite strong with this one.

Photo: Twitter / wax1ord
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