Rescuers Issue Warning After Frozen Cat Is Found Clinging To Life On Arkansas Golf Course

Dogs and cats shouldn’t be left outside in the cold, which is considered anything below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Even so, careless owners continue to let their pets roam free during winter months, placing them in extreme – even mortal – danger.

That’s what rescuers think might have happened to Ben, an orange-and-white cat found on an Arkansas golf course with his fur frozen solid. “We have no idea how this sweetie got in this condition, but he is safe now,” rescuers from The Artemis Project wrote on Facebook.

Photo: Facebook/The Artemis Project

In addition to advanced hypothermia, the cat also suffered curious wounds on his hind legs, which appeared raw and bleeding.

“I don’t think he would have survived another day out here, not in the condition that he was in,” Jennifer Reddout, a rescuer from The Artemis Project, told KFSM, a local Arkansas station.

Photo: Facebook/The Artemis Project

Luckily, the sheriff’s department found Ben just in time, and rescuers expect him to make a full recovery. Still, rescuers worry about the cat’s close brush with death, believing that other pet owners may unwittingly expose their pets to similarly life-threatening conditions.

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“We are working on getting his body temp back up so we can begin tending to his other medical needs,” rescuers wrote. “Please bring your animals inside in weather like this. They CANNOT handle it. This angel was literally freezing to death.”

Photo: Facebook/The Artemis Project

Fortunately, Ben is on the road to recovery. See how well he’s doing now in the video below! You can also make a donation to The Artemis Project if you would like to help fund Ben’s recovery.

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