From Tragedy to Triumph: Puppies Provide Hope

Earlier this fall, authorities in Quebec recovered 80 neglected dogs from a dangerous hoarding situation in the northern expanses of the province. But the tale turned from tragedy to triumph when Tara, a Shepherd mix among the rescues, gave birth to a healthy litter:

Ashely Caya, a representative from the emergency shelter where the rescued animals continue to undergo rehabilitation, provided an update:

“One of the pregnant dogs, Tara (a shepherd mix) recently gave birth to five beautiful puppies. Tara is a fantastic dog, full of kindness and love, I knew it from the moment I met her the night of her rescue when she licked my face as I placed her in her new home at the shelter. She gave birth last Thursday afternoon and she is already a fantastic mother.”

With the dedication of staff and the support of generous donors, the HSI/Canada team remains optimistic that the dogs could all find their forever homes by Christmas. You can support this ongoing operation through the Gifts That Give More™ program:

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