Puppy Siblings Went To Different Families. Years Later, They’re Reuniting For The First Time!

When a litter of puppies are born, it is very rare that they all get to stay together and grow up together. Usually each one is adopted by different families in different parts of the country. But you always wonder how the other pups’ lives turned out.

And that’s exactly what Corie Gemmiti was thinking when she was looking through old pictures of her dog, Frito. She came across photos of Frito and his siblings when they were all just tiny puppies, and wondered what they looked like now and what they were up to.

Gemmiti then posted a picture of Frito on Facebook, with a sign searching for his family. They found four out of the six siblings! They are still searching for the final two, and are planning a reunion in the next few weeks! How cute is that?! I bet the reunion will be

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