Watch This Frenchie Try A Tongue Twister During Family Road Trip

Road trips are a great way to spend time as a family, but anyone who’s organized or planned one will know they have their fair share of unexpected moments!

For one family driving through Kalamazoo, Michigan, one such moment happened when their Frenchie loudly let the family know what he was feeling from the back seat.

The video, taken by Ashley Giraud, shows the family’s comfy summer road trip setup as well as the family dog, a French Bulldog, climbing over the backseat.

Photo: Max Pixel

While the rest of the family works their way through tongue twister challenges, it seems clear that he wants to participate. So he does, loudly screaming his own contribution.

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“We were playing a game of tongue twisters and I just think he wanted to join in on the fun,” Giraud wrote in the video’s description. “We tried to say ‘Acey bassy pumpkin baby’ as many times as we could and I think he was giving us his turn too.”


While it doesn’t sound quite like “Acey bassy pumpkin baby” to me, it definitely sounds like a Frenchie who wants some attention!

Fortunately, everyone in the family seemed entertained by the whole thing. While the video lasts less than a minute, it’s easy to imagine that this pup had quite a lot to say. Hopefully he got everything off his chest before driving the family crazy!


Others in the comments were speculating that the Frenchie was really asking “Are we there yet?” or that maybe he wanted to spend some time in the front seat, to be where the action was.

Either way, his hilarious sounds brought the family some entertainment during the trip, and the video they shared has brought some of that laughter to the internet as well.

Watch the full video below!

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