French Bulldogs Are Being Stolen At An Alarming Rate

French Bulldogs have become an increasingly popular breed of dog. Unfortunately, due to their popularity, this breed of dog can sell for thousands of dollars. As such, they’re becoming a target of crime, theft, and violent attacks at an alarming rate.

Recently, celebrity Lady Gaga experienced such a tragedy and brought the issue to the public’s attention. According to Yahoo!, her dog walker and friend, Ryan Fischer, was taking her three French Bulldogs for a walk in Hollywood when two men jumped out of a car and demanded he hand over the dogs. When Fischer refused, the men shot him and took two of the dogs by force. The third dog, named Asia, was able to escape.

Unfortunately, this isn’t an isolated case.

According to KRON4, the bay area has seen an increased amount of French Bulldogs being stolen over the past few months. Just last month, one woman from San Fransisco was robbed at gunpoint. What did the thief take from her? Her French Bulldog.

Photo: Unsplash

According to the outlet, Frenchie breeders Dmitry Perkin and Kateryna Zabashta said that beyond just being a popular breed, French Bulldogs are small, mild-mannered dogs. As such, they’re an easy breed for thieves to steal since they don’t put up much of a fight.

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Among recent thefts include a blue nose French Bulldog named Chloe was stolen at gunpoint in San Fransisco over a month ago, according to the SF Examiner. Sarah Vorhaus was walking her dog as usual when she was attacked by several men and her dog was stolen.

Photo: Unsplash

Beyond that, other reports have flooded in with KRON4 reporting on home robberies of Frenchie puppies, car thefts, where the real target is the French Bulldog inside the car, and more violent attacks and gun robberies with Frenchies being the target.

Dmitry Perkin said, “It’s shocking that this is happening and it’s happened more and more recently.” It seems that thieves are hoping to make a quick dollar, with French Bulldogs being resold for $5,000-$8,000.

Photo: Unsplash

According to Perkin, blue Frenchies are popular and make a good target for theft.

Hopefully French dog-napping will die-down, but it’s important to stay diligent and be aware of your surroundings. If you’re in the market for a French Bulldog, make sure you’re not purchasing a stolen dog by avoiding unreputable sources like Craigslist, Flea Markets, and newspaper ads. Always go through a rescue, shelter, or reputable breeder.

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