French Bulldog Can’t Contain His Excitement Over New Pool

When it comes to hot weather, some of us cope better than others. But when it comes to dogs, there is added pressure to keep them cool.

They can be very sensitive to the heat, particularly certain breeds such as French Bulldogs.

It is important to make sure that they don’t overheat, and with the recent heatwave that the UK experienced, it was definitely something that dog owners had on their mind.

Photo: Max Pixel

For one “petfluencer” in the UK, keeping cool was certainly a stylish method for him. The Insta-famous pooch, who is named Jude, was gifted a brand-new kiddie pool for wading around in, and he clearly loved it.

The grey and white French bulldog, who has nearly 30K followers on his Instagram, is a well-established little celebrity. The pup’s owner showed off the little canine’s fun in the sun and it was too cute.

I was so cute, in fact, that his video ended up going viral with over 3 million views! Jude is shown in his pool, quite excited about his latest gift.

In the beginning of the footage, the little pup is seen panting. Clearly, he’s quite warm and the excitement isn’t helping. His mom tells him to get into his pool.

The cute canine does as he’s told, he gets into his new pool. But then, what happens next is just too precious for words. Jude seems to be overcome with excitement as he smashes around in his kiddie pool.

Photo: YouTube/Rumble Viral

Jude goes around in circles, getting happier and happier as he goes. Then, he breaks out with some doggie “zoomies.” The entire time, he’s got a great big smile on his face. He is just such a happy little boy in his new pool!

Watch Jude get his “zoomies” on in the adorable video below:

You can follow Jude on Instagram, @judethefrench.

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