Dog Owner Issues Warning After Her French Bulldog Experienced A Fatal Heatstroke

We might be in the last week of July, but that doesn’t mean that summer has relented any of its heat just yet. In fact, this time of year can often be quite warm, and see plenty of heatwaves all around.

If you have pets, especially French Bulldogs, you need to be vigilant to make sure that they are okay during the summertime temperatures.

One dog owner is now issuing a warning to other dog owners after she tragically lost her beloved French Bulldog to heatstroke following a short walk in the sun.

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The dog owner, Laura Kyle, lives in Scotland. She didn’t think anything was wrong as she took Betty, her rescue Frenchie, on a 20-minute walk around her area. While on the walk, Betty appeared normal, happily playing around with other dogs.

When they got home, however, Laura got Betty some water to cool down. That is when Laura noticed that Betty was becoming limp and unresponsive.

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Laura didn’t know what was wrong, so she wrapped Betty up in a wet towel and got her to the local vet office for care. Unfortunately, it was too late as she was told that Betty had heatstroke which caused severe brain damage. Sadly, this meant that Betty had to be euthanized.

Photo: Pixabay

Speaking to Metro, Laura stated, “I’ve heard of people leaving their dogs in the car and maybe that happened but never going for a walk. I was a bit gutted, I thought they were saving her life and that she was coming home. I’m totally devastated.”

While heatstroke can affect all different breeds of dogs, French Bulldogs can be more susceptible as they can sometimes experience what is known as brachycephalic airway syndrome, meaning they can have more difficulties cooling themselves down as compared to their longer-snouted counterparts.

Photo: pxfuel

The French Bulldog Rescue Network has advised that Frenchies should not be taken for walks in direct sunlight, and should only be driven in cars that have working air conditioning.

During summer, it is important that dogs get their exercise, but it is equally as important to be able to recognize the signs of heatstroke so that tragedy can be avoided. If your dog shows any symptoms such as heavy panting, drowsiness, excessive drooling, or vomiting then you should get them to a vet immediately.

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Additionally, there are ways that you can help to keep your pet cool during the warm weather in order to avoid them coming down with heatstroke. Such methods include:

Allowing them to cool themselves off in a pool or lake.

Putting ice cubes in their water bowl.

Always making sure that you bring along plenty of water for them to drink while on walks.

Putting a wet towel or cloth around their neck or between their armpits and hind legs.

Purchasing them a cooling mat.

Photo: pxfuel

And remember, if you’re ever concerned about their heat capacity you can always speak to your vet – better safe than sorry.

What tips or tricks do you have to keep your pets cool in the summer? Let us know!

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