Guess What Awesome (And FREE) Event You Might Be Missing Out On!

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Animal shelters frequently find themselves overcrowded and, consequently, stretched thin for resources. These sudden influxes in occupants occur for a variety of reasons. The consolidation of two shelters, due to one facility being forced to close, extreme weather conditions, and natural disasters might all cause a spike in the number of homeless animals. Shelter volunteers also cite the seizure of animals in instances of hoarding, negligent or cruel activity in puppy mills, and criminal offenses; such as dog fighting as resulting in sudden and drastic overcrowding.

Overcrowding in shelters can exacerbate health and socialization issues, and also facilitates the development and spread of disease. The emotional taxation of sharing tight quarters also overstresses the animals and often leads to fighting.

Within your community there might be a really great event you’re missing out on that will not only allow you to be part of the solution, but will also be a wonderful way to expand your family! When these sudden and drastic instances of overcrowding occur, local shelters frequently hold free adoption events.

This video, highlighting the benefits of adopting over shopping, is just way too sweet!

These events can be incredibly successful in finding thousands of animals their forever homes by eliminating the fees associated with adoption. In addition to pairing pets with loving families, free adoption days garner attention for the shelters and give people an added incentive to adopt rather than shop.

If you’re interested in finding a new animal BFF, participate! Look for news of free or reduced adoption events in your neighborhood or call your local animal shelter, and take advantage of the opportunity to give a homeless animal their forever home. Not convinced? Here are some great reasons why you should expand your family if you’re ready, and some great examples of great people doing it right!

Watch here as new best friends, Abby and Harvey, meet on his adoption day!

Rajeswari Nair does her part by operating a free adoption clinic!

Organizers in Grand Rapids facilitated the adoption of 109 animals last month!

Cleveland offered free pet adoptions for the entire month of September last year!

Not ready to adopt? Already have a full house? You can still help!

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