Fostering This Fragile Kitten Was the Best Decision a Woman Made After Surviving a Stroke

Life-changing moments often happen when health is involved. When a disease or condition hits your body, you are hindered from doing many things. Your goals in life are suddenly pushed to the back of your priorities. Stroke is an example of a condition that prevents people from living their lives as they used to. The effects can last for three to six months, depending on how much injury the brain has gone through. Brain injury can badly affect movements that are essential to maneuver daily life.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

For this reason, the patient must undergo therapy to slowly return to normal. It’ll be challenging to look ahead to the future amidst healing, and anxious thoughts about it will fill your head. Nevertheless, there will be someone, or something, life will give you to get back on your feet and feel purposeful again. In Dannielle’s case, a kitten named Venus gave her something to look forward to after recovering from a stroke.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

“I never imagined being 29 and having a stroke, but in October of 2020, that is exactly what happened,” Dannielle shared. “I had a full house of fosters at the time, and all fostering and rescue got put on hold.”

The effects of the stroke on her body changed how she perceived life. After receiving therapy to recover her mobility, she first focused on fostering kittens.

“I’m so used to taking care of the kittens, it really was a culture shock to suddenly be the one that needed to get care taken and really learn to rely on other people to help me,” she explained. Being able to foster kittens again gave her some sense of normality — it made her feel capable. One kitten made life even more purposeful for Dannielle. She nurtured the fragile Venus, who was smaller than a computer mouse.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

Venus was tiny since she was a premature baby when Dannielle rescued her. She brings the kitten along with her at work so that she can look out for her — to consistently provide her basic needs. Dannielle wasn’t even sure if Venus would survive because she was so weak. But just like the stroke survivor, Venus was able to thrive — all thanks to the supportive environment Dannielle let her grow in. The once fragile cat has gained weight and slowly escaped her shell.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

Dannielle and Venus relied on each other for 114 days. With how well the cat’s health improved since she was fostered, it was only natural to find her forever home. A loving couple adopted her and still gives updates to Dannielle. She grew up as beautiful as her namesake, and that’s enough to make someone feel fulfilled. Watch the heartwarming story of both survivors in the interview shared by The Dodo. Let them be your inspiration in getting through such hurdles. Hopefully, you have a Dannielle or a Venus in your life.

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