Stray Dog Stumbles Upon Rescuers Who Help Him Run Again

Gideon was roaming the streets as a stray dog, looking for someone to help him. When Animal Rights Fur-Ever (ARF), a West Virginia based animal rescue organization, found him, he was limping on his back leg.

The rescuers loaded him into their vehicle and headed to the local vet to have his leg examined. The vet noticed a problem with his knee but hoped that rest would do the trick. A foster volunteered to take in Gideon and kept him on restricted exercise. Unfortunately, the limp was not improving.

Gideon Feature

ARF decided to visit another vet for a second opinion. After examining Gideon, the vet said he had a serious ACL injury, and arthritis had already set in. The foster parent was determined to help Gideon and asked the vet what could be done.

Gideon needed to have knee surgery so he would be able to run and play again. ARF volunteers searched everywhere to raise the money to cover the surgery. GreaterGood Friend’s Program came to the rescue and helped cover the cost. Thanks to the generous donation, Gideon received knee surgery.

Photo: Facebook/ARF Animal Rights Fur-ever
Photo: Facebook/ARF Animal Rights Fur-ever

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After successful treatment and rehabilitation from the foster parent, Gideon was thriving. He was slowly learning to use his new knee. His sweet demeanor and friendly face quickly won the hearts of an adventurous couple. Now he can run and play with his new family, surrounded by love. His days of wandering the streets alone are over.

Screen Shot: Facebook/ARF Animal Rights Fur-ever
Screen Shot: Facebook/ARF Animal Rights Fur-ever

ARF Posted this to Facebook, “Here it is! A wonderful ending for Gideon’s story! This poor boy needed knee surgery, and a lot of people helped ARF get the funds together to make it happen. He was fostered during his recuperation and received therapy in the home and regular check-ups with his surgeon. One of our special rescues picked him up last month and took him home. Like all of us here, she and her husband fell in love with Gideon. She was determined that it would take a very special family to claim him. And here they are! Today is Gideon’s happy ending as he goes home with his great family. They are perfect for him — caring, active, and determined to continue his training. Wow!!! We live for these happy endings. Congratulations, Gideon! Please keep in touch!!!”

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