Sneaky Fox Wanders Off With More Than 100 Stolen Shoes

I’m constantly amazed at the wildlife around us. When I see an animal in my local area, I try to learn what it is teaching me about the world where I live. I also love seeing animals in online videos.

Every once in awhile, an animal will surprise me and that is exactly what this unique fox did. It is found in Zehlendorf, Berlin, but its claim to fame is not part of the breed, it is a love of shoes.

Christian Meyer was a victim of this issue when a pair of his shoes went missing. He decided to post about it on a local Facebook group and that is when he found out that many people were having the same problem.

Someone gave Meyer a tip on where he may be able to find the fox and he got to work. It seems as if the fox was spotted running off with a pair of flip-flops.

Meyer was able to track the fox down to a large green space and it took him an hour to crawl through the thicket to get to his collection. When he got there, he saw 100 shoes, but his gym shoes were not there.

Social media was buzzing with comments on the situation. One person noticed that he liked Crocs and another said they might make it into a Croc advertisement.

It doesn’t matter what type of shoes the fox liked, this is one of the coolest animal facts I’ve heard all week.

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