Photos Of A Fox Curled Up And Napping On A Stump Go Viral

We all have our daily routines. If we look closely, we will notice that even animals have their own versions of daily routines. Granted, theirs are much more laidback.

If you look at your pets at home, the majority of their daily routine includes naps in the sun. And for one Canadian couple, glancing out their window proved to be a special sight.

Just out in their backyard on a large tree stump was a little fox. The furry red animal was fast asleep, curled up into a cute little furball.

Photo: Twitter/ SaraReneeRyan

The couple took a picture of the adorable sight and sent it to their daughter, Sara Ryan. She thought it was the cutest thing in the world and decided to share it on her social media.

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Photo: Twitter/ SaraReneeRyan

Sara posted the picture to Twitter. The photo was well-received and got a lot of attention. Thousands of people were commenting on how precious the little fox looked while he slept.

This amount of attention prompted Sara to follow up with some more background information.

Photo: Twitter/ SaraReneeRyan

She followed up the first photo with a few more. Apparently, the little fox had added the couple’s stump to his daily routine as a favored place to take a nap. The little fox had napped, disappeared, then came back the next day for another nap!

Photo: Twitter/ SaraReneeRyan

The fox’s reoccurrence prompted Sara’s dad to nickname the little critter, “Nezuko.” Hopefully this becomes even more of a routine because these pictures are adorable!

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