Dog Rescued at Under Four Pounds Recuperates and is Now Thriving in New Home

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Gizzy was rescued by New Hope Animal Rescue in March of 2020. When I first saw her on Facebook, my heart went out to her. I decided to foster her first before I adopted her.

When I took Gizzy to see my veterinarian, she was severely emaciated, blind, only weighed 3.6 pounds, was in renal failure, diabetic, could barely stand or walk, had septicemia because of an infection from a mouth full of bad teeth, had an irregular heart rhythm, and her body temperature was too low to register.


With many trips to the veterinarian for several months, she started to improve, reversed renal failure, got her glucose completely under control, got off insulin, didn’t have to wear a heart monitor, started gaining weight, had nine of her teeth pulled, and got up to 12.2 pounds.

She loves her 4 p.m. walk, loves to snuggle, and has learned to scratch the door to potty. She’s a special girl. I adopted Gizzy because I fell in love with her; we had such a special bond from the beginning. I just couldn’t let her go. The first photo is the day New Hope rescued her. The second photo is her today, six months later. She’s a miracle baby and such a fighter.


Story submitted by Linda Williams.

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