Find The Perfect Valentine At Your Local Animal Shelter

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. If you are single and looking for a steady relationship, think about adopting a dog or cat. They provide unconditional love and are great judges of character – for any future relationships.

Unlimited kisses, cuddles and love are just a few of the treats you will get with a four-legged Valentine. A recent study found that more people are turning to “puppy love” than romantic love this Valentine’s day. Thousands of dogs and cats are waiting in shelters across the world for someone to come to pick them as their one and only.

Photo: Petfinder/Three Little Pitties

Take a look at some of the adoptable Valentines below or head to your local shelter.


Photos: Petfinder/Faith And Hope Foundation

If you are looking for a strong, outgoing and take charge male, than Armani is the dog for you. The handsome 10-month-old pup is American Staffordshire mix. He is a sweet boy that loves to play but needs someone who will be the pack leader. He plays well with other dogs, as long as they like to wrestle and can handle all his energy. Learn more and adopt him by clicking here.


Photos: Petfinder/Three Little Pitties

With a name like that you know this female Pit Bull mix is a sweetie. Her soulful eyes and heart-shaped nose only add to her good looks. She is young, friendly and searching for her soul mate – is it you? Adopt her here.


Photos: Petfinder/Harbor Humane Society

If your type is tall, dark and handsome – Peter is the perfect match for you. This lover boy is full of energy and loves to play with people and other dogs. This happy go lucky dog will put a smile on your face and show you how to enjoy life. Adopt him here.


Photos: Petfinder/Stray Cat Alliance

Don’t let her name fool you. She is actually a reserved and shy girl who takes some time to warm up to people. Once she is comfortable she will become your best friend. She loves to be spoiled with treats and toys. This playful feline is looking for a forever home. Adopt her here.

Tommy Bugatti

Photos: Petfinder/Best Friends New York

This outgoing male cat loves to nuzzle your face. He is a talkative fella that will use his deep meow to tell you what he wants. If he sounds like the purrfect match for you, then you can adopt him here.

Fur baby Valentines are the best! Adopt your true love today, it will be the best decision you ever made!

If you already have a fur Valentine, share your story with us for a chance to earn a $250 shopping spree. Simply submit your rescue story and you will be entered into the drawing.

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You can spread the love this Valentine’s Day by sending a Fur Baby Valentine. You can choose from a warm blanket, toy, treats, or bundle all three. Let them know that they are loved until their special someone comes along.

Watch the video below to see how you can help.

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