Get Ready To Fall In Love With A Medical Miracle With Four Prosthetic Legs

Naki’o is a doggy warrior! As a tiny pup, something tragic happened. He and his siblings were left behind in a foreclosed home. It was icy cold in the middle of winter in Nebraska. Naki’o got his paws stuck in a puddle and frost bite set in. HOW TERRIBLE! The damage was extensive. But this only meant he had to fight harder. A doggy warrior never gives up, right?

This pup’s bad luck turned around when his humans found him on Petfinder. He now has a life that most would envy! The damage from the frostbite was severe, though, and he needed four prosthetic legs. Especially since he was growing at a rapid pace. Thanks to fundraising and some help from OrthoPets, this pooch is a SUPER POOCH! Get ready to meet a true medical miracle that will steal your heart. I LOVE this dog! A four-legged bionic superhero!

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