See Why This Foster Family Is Being Called An ‘Epic Failure’

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WA2S films goes to the very spot where challenging rescues happen, where amazing people put their lives on the line to help dogs in need. In this video, they go behind the scenes, after the rescue. Showing us what it’s like to be a foster family that “fails.”


A large family of hounds was rescued, after being abandoned. The rescuers brought all thirteen hounds to a rescue organization and then they were placed in foster homes. A wonderful foster family couldn’t part with their pup and ended up adopting her. Sometimes these things happen, and even though they “failed” as a foster family by breaking the cardinal rule, they failed in a good way!


I want to personally thank all animal rescuers, volunteers, and foster families everywhere! You do so much and expect so little in return! YAY for animal heroes!

If you want to see the hounds compelling rescue, click here!

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