Rabbit Rescue Saves 19 Bunnies That Were Released In Florida Neighborhood

Rabbits have been taking over a Florida neighborhood, and volunteers with a rabbit rescue are finally stepping up to help!

According to NPR, a resident released lionhead rabbits in their backyard around two years. Since that time, the rabbits bred like – well – rabbits! And rumors have it there are at least 80+ lionhead rabbits running rampant now, though the exact number is hard to know for sure.

Photo: Pexels/lil artsy

Attempts to rescue the bunnies from the Jenada Isle neighborhood were met with hostility in the past, as local residents didn’t seem to think the bunnies needed help.

Because of that, rescuers with the East Coast Rabbit Rescue called on police escorts to help when heading out to trap some of the rabbits.

In the end, they rescued 19 bunnies, including three females who were pregnant.

Dear Friends and Followers:We want to report that we rescued 19 bunnies from Jenada Isle early this morning….

Posted by East Coast Rabbit Rescue on Friday, July 21, 2023

The rescue explained on Facebook, “We want to report that we rescued 19 bunnies from Jenada Isle early this morning. Technically 19 could easily turn into 30, as 3 females are pregnant. Two of them will most likely have their babies very soon. We spoke with the chief of police, Mr. Blocker, and requested the presence of some police officers on-site, as we knew it would not be an easy task. Mr. Blocker graciously sent 7 police officers to escort us, and they witnessed that several residents were openly hostile, as they did not want the bunnies gone.”

They went on to say, “One woman actually threatened to shoot us as we were walking in the street, and a heartless man was chasing a poor rabbit and hitting him with a stick, and finally a very angry man tried to disperse the bunnies each time we got near one so that we could not catch them.”

Photo: Pexels/Mariam Antadze

There’s a common misconception that domesticated bunnies can thrive in the wild. As the rescue noted, “The poor bunnies were just barely surviving there, as they did not have proper food, they lacked a reliable source of clean water, and they had no shelter for them to protect from the rain and hot sun. We rescued one very sweet boy with a severe wound on his face. Most of others had mites. One female has a purulent discharge coming from her vulva. We have already set up a vet appointment for her. In addition, one boy will need his incisors extracted.”

While they rescued 19 rabbits this time, a total of 56 rabbits have been rescued from the neighborhood so far.

You can see one of the rescue bunnies adjusting to her new life in the video below:

This is Hollywood, one of the 19 bunnies we rescued from the Jenada Isle last Friday. As you can see he is now safe, cool and happy. ❤️❤️He is going to the Vet on Thursday to address his teeth malocclusion. This sweet boy and all the other bunnies that we rescued from the Jenada Isle community will be available for adoption after they are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and cleared by our Vet. Thanks to all of you for making this happen. We are in contact with the chief police to try to rescue more bunnies. God willing 🙏🙏🙏

Posted by East Coast Rabbit Rescue on Monday, July 24, 2023

In an update, the East Coast Rabbit Rescue said they moved the 19 rescued rabbits to new playpens as they await another rabbit intakes. They said, “We are planning to go back for another roundup. This time, we will have a representative of most Florida rabbit rescues helping us to catch the rabbits. Many people have asked us how many rabbits are still there, and the answer is WE DO NOT KNOW.”

They added, “As you might recall, we faced several issues with some openly hostile residents from this community, as some of them did not want us to rescue the bunnies. Several of them purposely scared away the rabbits when we approached them and threatened us. The situation did not turn violent because of the presence of several police officers, who will be escorting us again during our next roundup.”

Update on the Jenada Isle bunnies:We moved the 19 rabbits that we rescued last Friday, from the city of Wilton Manors,…

Posted by East Coast Rabbit Rescue on Wednesday, July 26, 2023

While some of the rabbits are presenting health problems, the rescue is working to get them all the care they need with a veterinarian.

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