100th Rebuild? What A Purrfect Idea!

It's impossible to determine the number of stray animals in the U.S., but estimates for cats alone range up to 70 million. That's nearly twice the population of California. As an animal rescuer, you know that shelters around the country are sorely overrun, underfunded, and understaffed. The good news? This big problem creates a big opportunity.

A frightened kitten with green eyes staring out from a cage

Imagine being a cat who is swept off the streets and into a shelter. On the bright side, you get fresh food and water. But this is also a strange new world, filled with unfamiliar scents and sounds. Dogs barking nearby sound like scary predators. Other cats are also nearby, and you can smell their anxiety over the disinfectant. There's a lot that can make a cat feel trapped, rather than rescued; and a trapped cat rarely shows prospective adopters its best side.

Enter Rescue Rebuild, a signature program of GreaterGood.org. After 99 rebuilds around the world, changing thousands of shelter animals' lives, we're gearing up to do our 100th build in Florida. It's going to be epic, and it's all about the cats!

The Humane Society of Sumter County (Florida) is a small shelter with big goals and a huge heart, but their cattery is old and worn, and their small intake area is only 10 feet by 20 feet — to house both cats and dogs. This is where we're going. We'll construct a brand new cat-only intake building, renovate the existing cat space, and build brand-new outdoor catio.

More cats coming in. More cats feeling more comfortable in the space. More cats being adopted into forever homes. This is going to be amazing.

Teen girl with cat at home

But we can't do it without your help. In spite of enlisting volunteers and donations, this incredible renovation has a $30,000 price tag… and we've only raised $1,535 toward our goal. Give shelter cats the gift of life this holiday season. Be a part of the change!

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