Dog Rescue Stories: Floribel Spent Five Years in a Cage

About two years ago, Floribel’s family had two senior dogs, ages 14 and 15. One was a beagle mix named Fern, who was rescued from Beagles and Buddies, and the other one was a rat terrier stray named Phoebe, who was found at a bus stop in Pomona.

Both were being treated for illnesses that were most likely due to the horrible first half of their lives.

Source: Positively Woof

After Fern crossed over the rainbow bridge, Floribel’s family decided that Phoebe needed another pal. Their vet posted a picture of a dog who needed a new home – she had been kept in a small, outdoor cage for the past five years. The cage had no protection from the rain or hot sun. It was filled with excrement and the water dish was often tipped over or empty.

The rescuer that convinced the owner to give Floribel up couldn’t keep her.

Source: Positively Woof

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Unfortunately, Phoebe never got to meet Flor because she took a turn for the worse and walked over the rainbow bridge to join her sister, Fern. Even though the pain from their loss was so recent, Floribel’s family went ahead with the scheduled visit.

With two cats and and a bunny at home, they had to be certain there was no prey drive.

Source: Positively Woof

Floribel visited for the the weekend and never left. Her mom had her doubts when she saw a Pit Bull type dog walk through their front door, but that fear quickly faded.

Floribel is a silly and loving pup who is absolutely adored and admired by her family. She gets two walks a day, sleeps in her parents’ bed and gets to go on dog-friendly vacations, so she is never left behind.

Source: Positively Woof

Floribel’s family have huge hearts – not only do they adopt older animals in need, they have fostered 17 older children from Los Angeles County and seven years ago, adopted two children of their own.

It is definitely not easy, but they feel that we all need to do our part to make life a little better and more meaningful for all.

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