Fleet of Angels Praised for Life-Saving Work

Every year the The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) hosts a Humane Awards Luncheon that praises animal and human heroes. All of them have shown courage, commitment, and passion for animal welfare. This year the Fleet of Angels attended as an honoree.

One of the prestigious awards is Equine Welfare Award. This acknowledges the person or organization that has gone above and beyond for horses and other equines. It is a prized award, and it will be proudly displayed by Elaine Nash. Elaine, a lifetime horse lover, saw there was a need for helping horses in crisis and devised the Fleet of Angels program. The program is comprised of thousands of horse trailer owners and service providers who work together to help relocate at-risk horses. Nash noticed that a lot of horse rescue organizations or potential adopters did not have a horse trailer or hauler, so she developed the fleet as a solution.

Photo: Facebook/Elaine Nash
Photo: Facebook/Elaine Nash

“Fleet of Angels exists only because of the participation of horse lovers across the US and Canada,” she says.

There is a directory on her website of all the members, or “angels,” ready to help. She asks all her members to charge as little as possible so they can save as many horses as possible. The goal is to save horses from slaughter and transport them to rescues or potential adopters. Thousands are saved every year with this program.

Fleet of Angels has been very busy this year with all the natural disasters. They saved countless horses after Hurricane Harvey and Irma. On top of those, they made a record-breaking rescue of over 900 neglected horses. Not only did they help the starving horses by removing them from the deplorable environment, they placed them in loving homes. They named the group of horses The Hallelujah Horses. There are still 15 that need homes, but they will not stop until they find them loving homes. True work of angels!

Photo: Facebook/Elaine Nash
Hallelujah Geldings that are looking for homes! Photo: Facebook/ Elaine Nash

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“If we can get to the point where there’s a transporter within 25 miles of every at-risk horse, we can increase our current success rate even more,” Nash says.

Nash from Evans, CO, would love to see the non-profit program grow to 100,000 members. The program covers all of the United States and Canada with no job too big or small for them.

Congrats on the award, and thank you for all your life-saving efforts!

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“By being willing to register with us and pitch in when needed, our members have helped facilitate the saving of thousands of at-risk equines—and we’re just getting started! It’s easy to become an FOA Angel. Anyone with a trailer or a spare stall or pen for layovers, is welcome.”

Become a member at https://www.fleetofangels.org/

Another way to help horses in need is by donating here! Help feed and care for a rescued horse.

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