The Flatid Planthopper Nymph Looks Just Like Popcorn With Tiny Legs

The natural world gives us so many wonders. If you look anywhere on Earth, there is bound to be a species that blows the mind. But it’s not just the large creatures of the land that can blow our minds with their looks. If you were to look at the insect world, there are plenty of examples of intrigue.

We’ve all seen stunning examples of camouflage or deception amongst insects. But when we think of such examples we probably think of the famously-named stick bug that resembles its twig-like surroundings.

Most would hardly think that tiny nymphs could assume any impressive bodily camouflage. But that is where people would be wrong.

If you were to ever take a trip to the Amazon Rainforest you may encounter what looks like a little snowflake with legs. But it’s actually not moveable snow, it’s what is known as the flatid planthopper nymph.

This tiny insect is covered in a waxy secretion that ends up giving it that bulky, snow-like appearance. It’s not so much a technique used for camouflage but more as a way of protecting its delicate body from predators. Pretty clever.

The incredible footage of this little nymph insect was captured by nature photographer, Andreas Kay. Unfortunately, Kay passed away in October of 2019 from a brain tumor, but we’re left with the images of this planthopper species that is native to the Amazon region.

Another nature photographer, David Weiller, has also managed to get live footage of the flatid planthopper nymph in action as it scurries around the rainforest in Puyo, Ecuador.

Check out the video below:

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