Why Pit Bulls Are So Very, VERY SCARY!

The world is at attention with the Montreal Pit Bull Ban and people like me, you know, dog lovers of all species, are trying to figure out where this went so horribly wrong. Here’s video proof of a species gone bad. Rotten to the core. Bad to the bone. Insert wink here.

Pit Bulls are extremely harmful, especially with all their sloppy kisses, their unwavering loyalty and don’t forget, their goofy (and irresistible) smiles. In fact, I am so scared of Pit Bulls that I have personally put a ban on them in my own home. Hold on a second, while I cancel the Pit Bull party I had planned weeks ago. HAHA!

OMG! People!

I know most of you are with me on this but can we please stop putting people AND dogs in these lump categories. This all or nothing mentality. This, one is bad so they’re all bad, hate spiel. It’s ridiculous. For those around you who don’t get it, send them this post and make sure they watch this video. Let them see what all this hate is all about.

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