Five Cat Myths Debunked!

Myth: Cats always land on their feet

Fact: Just like humans, cats aren’t perfect. Despite their agility and the saying that “cats have nine lives,” cats OFTEN but not ALWAYS land on their feet. Even if you see your feline friend diving from higher heights and land on all four paws, make sure to check if they are alright. Landing on all fours can still cause severe injuries and even death. Keep them safe by preventing them from jumping out of trees, windows, or great heights.

Myth: Declawing is equivalent to trimming your cat’s nails

Fact: When declawing your cat it isn’t just like snipping our fingernails. Declawing requires amputating the root of the claw bone of each toe. This is very damaging and hurtful to your cat. Many veterinarians and cat shelters are against this procedure. Even if your cat is not an outdoor cat it will leave them defenseless in those rare times they do make a breakout. It’s best to clip their nails and if it’s your furniture you’re worried about, teach them what they should or should not claw or give them an alternative option such as a scratching post or pad.

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