Unique Call Puts Two Cute ‘Criminals’ In The Back Of Police Car

Sergeant Daniel Fitzpatrick with the Belfast Police Department serves a small town in Maine. He used to responding to calls about domestic disputes or drunk driving. But recently Fitzpatrick got a much different call that lead to a pretty awesome day.

A woman had found two pygmy goats and had them trapped inside her garage. She had no idea who they belonged to so she called for help. ”

The woman who called had found them on High Street, and had somehow gotten them corralled into her garage, and she closed the garage door,” Fitzpatrick told The Dodo. “She called the police department because we act as the animal control officers in Belfast.”

Once Fitzpatrick arrived on the scene, the woman was happy to see him. “She led us right to the garage, and when we looked out through the door, I saw two small goats jumping from one spot to another on a cat entertainment center, eating cat food,” Fitzpatrick said.

The two goats were very cooperative. When they headed to the officer’s car, the goats jumped right into the back seat. The officer didn’t know who they belonged to so they went on an adventure together trying to find their home.

Funny enough, the goats belonged to a neighbor right across the street from the woman who found them. Fitzpatrick speculates that they just decided to take advantage of the nice weather and went out for a stroll.

“[The owner] didn’t even know that they were missing at first, but then she was very happy that nothing had happened to them, and she was just very glad that we took care of them while we could,” Fitzpatrick said.

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While Sgt. Fitzpatrick is thrilled that the goats are home, safe and sound, he does miss his passengers a bit. “I can tell you that the goats were a lot better behaved and cleaner than some of the [people] we’ve had on the back of our control cars as of late,” Fitzpatrick said. “They were a pleasure to have along. We had a fantastic time.”

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