Fishing Trip Takes Surprising Turn When Crew Discover Kitten Struggling To Swim In Ocean

Fishing trips generally yield some combination of fish and marine life sightings. But one California crew was surprised to find a tiny kitten struggling to stay afloat all by itself out in the deep ocean waters.

“Poor little guy was sucked out by the tide,” Still Flyin Charters wrote of their “catch of the day” on Facebook, according to Fox35 Orlando.

Photo: Facebook/Still Flyin Charters

Crew members quickly fished the tiny kitten out of the water and brought the bedraggled baby cat on board, where they wrapped their tiny stowaway in towels to help him dry off and calm down.

“We caught him just outside the pass in the gulf,” the crew recalled on Facebook. “He was struggling to stay up. We caught him, brought him in the boat and let him recover.”

Photo: Facebook/Still Flyin Charters

Nobody knows how long the kitten was out in the water, or exactly how he got there. But the kitten certainly didn’t look like he could hang on for much longer. We’re so thankful that Still Flyin Charters came along just in time!

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Photo: Facebook/Still Flyin Charters

“Can’t say you see that everyday,” the captain wrote of this fishing trip-turned-rescue operation. But crew didn’t just deliver the kitten, who wasn’t wearing any identification or tags, back to the safety of shore. The deckhand has already found this tiny survivor a forever home.

We’re so glad this unique fishing story has a happy ending!

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