Fisherman Saves Drowning Rabbit From The Water

When on a fishing trip, most people wouldn’t expect to find anything other than fish. But sometimes, you might run into something unexpected that could turn a fishing trip into a rescue mission.

It’s not unheard of for men who are out near water to find an animal in need, like the fisherman who recently saved an owl while fishing.

For a couple of fishermen out on a trip, their day quickly turned into a rescue mission when they saw a rabbit struggling in the water.

Photo: Pixabay/stefanoceruti63

Rabbits aren’t natural swimmers, though they can swim as a natural survival instinct. Just the act of being submerged in water is enough to put a rabbit into shock and kill it, though that doesn’t always happen and some can survive it.

Seeing the rabbit in the water, one of the fishermen knew he needed to help. He flipped his fishing pole around and put the handle in the water to try and scoop the rabbit up.

Photo: YouTube/BVIRAL
Photo: YouTube/BVIRAL

He tried a few times as the rabbit kept struggling in the water, but the handle wasn’t large enough to lift the rabbit. The little bunny kept slipping off of it.

Once the rabbit was close enough to the bank, the man bent down and used his hand to scoop the rabbit up and put it on the dry rock.

Photo: YouTube/BVIRAL

It’s unclear if the rabbit survived or not after such a traumatic incident, but the kind fishermen gave it a fighting chance.

Watch the rescue in the video below:

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