Largemouth Bass Steals Dog’s Ball During Game Of Catch

When C.C. the Labrador Retriever was playing catch on the beach with her family in Austin, Texas, the last thing she expected was a new player to join the game!

But that’s exactly what happened, and her family was there to catch the whole strange thing on video.

“There was one confused dog on West Lake today when a fish caught the ball before she did!” wrote Kimberly Foster Hyde on Facebook. Her post included photo and video, the only proof this strange event had happened at all:

“We luckily got it out but if you see an extra wide-mouth fish swimming by, that’s why,” she continued.

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The fish, which looks to be one of the area’s native largemouth bass, held on to the ball, even as C.C. looked on in confusion. She wasn’t sure why her game was being interrupted by this rude bigmouth!


“C.C. was so confused. Even after they let it go, she was still looking for the fish,” Hyde continued on Facebook.

It looks like the fish bit off more than it could chew in this case, though. Hyde and her husband were easily able to find it and retrieve the ball because, as Hyde explained, “the fish kept jumping out of the water trying to release its ginormous orange catch!”

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

C.C. was bewildered by the whole incident but waited patiently for her toy to be returned. Hyde explained that she “would’ve been a very sad dog” if the fish had swum off with her ball, but fortunately, this story has a happy ending for everyone involved.

Watch the full video below!

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