A Beautiful Girl And A Beautiful Dog, With Similar Scars, Will Now Share A Beautiful Life Together!

Chloe, a young lady from California, has had her fair share of challenges. Sadly, she was burned badly as a baby. Surviving such an ordeal can leave both internal and external scars. Finding someone who truly understood what Chloe had been through could be challenging, and life could become quite isolating. But then in walked Fireman.

Fireman, later named Buddy by Chloe, is also a burn survivor. This tiny Chihuahua came to the shelter as a puppy covered in chemical burns. The tiny pup needed to heal and needed a forever family.

What happens next is destiny at its finest! Chloe and Fireman are brought together and you can see that their bond is truly one for the books. A sad story takes the turn we always root for and ends up in the happiest place possible for these two survivors. YAY!

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