Firefighters Save A Little Dog Trapped Under A Couch

Firefighters are the ones that we call to rescue us from burning buildings, car accident scenes, and many other horrific accidents.

But they can also be called to come to the aid of our pets, something that a group of five firefighters did when they were called after a tiny dog became stuck beneath a reclining couch.

The Kamloops Fire Department in British Columbia, Canada was called out to help Bean, a small pooch who became entrapped in the reclining mechanism of the family’s couch.

Photo: Facebook/Kamloops Fire Rescue

Commenting on the rescue on their department’s Facebook page, they stated, “We don’t rescue cats out of trees anymore,… but we do occasionally rescue dogs out of reclining couches!”

Bean was a lucky little dog. Her family was very grateful for the first responders’ assistance in getting her out.

Photo: Facebook/Kamloops Fire Rescue

As was explained in the Facebook post, the dog’s neck had gotten caught beneath the framework of the reclining couch, meaning that her owners were unable to move the sofa without causing her harm. That is when her owners knew that they needed professional help.

The worried owners called the Fire Department who showed up to skillfully dismantle the couch and free Bean. The owner stated that the firefighters were “were really calm and really cared about Bean’s safety.” They could not have been more thankful for the help that they received.

Photo: Facebook/Kamloops Fire Rescue

After posting about the rescue, the comments from other social media users soon began to flood the post as people praised the firefighters for the actions in rescuing the small Bean.

One person called them “true heroes,” while others were just amazed that they came to the rescue of the little dog.

Photo: Facebook/Kamloops Fire Rescue

Following the post, Bean’s owners shared an update which included a photo of a happy little Bean looking well after her rescue. It’s like nothing ever happened.

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