Baby Ducklings Stuck In a Storm Drain Had Limited Time

Baby ducks are tiny, measuring just 10 cm long and weigh only a few grams at birth. They are unable to fly for the first 50-60 days and are vulnerable to all sorts of dangers – like storm drains.

Woodstock Fire & Rescue responded to a call about ducklings trapped in a storm drain on Towne Lake Parkway. The baby ducks fell in the drain and were unable to get out.

Firefighter arrived and climbed down into the drain to rescue the little ducks. One by one they were carefully passed from firefighter to firefighter and placed in a cardboard box for safekeeping.

Mama duck was nearby and patiently watching as all her babies were saved.

Firefighters wanted to ensure the safety of the duck family, so they herded mama and her brood to a nearby pond.

One onlooker shared, “This picture shows the officers coaxing Momma duck and 3 of her babies to a nearby pond. Not an easy task with traffic. The rest of the baby ducks were in the box. Awesome job guys!”

The department posted rescue photos of the adorable ducklings and said all were saved. The heroes were praised for their good work and show that firefighters are animal heroes, too.

5 Interesting Facts About Ducklings

  • Ducklings know how to swim and take to the water less than a day after they hatch.
  • They can feed themselves right away – with guidance from their mother on what is safe to eat.
  • Ducklings spend 60% of their day eating.
  • They stay in groups for protection.
  • Yellow ducklings only come from white ducks.

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