Drowning Deer Rescued By Firefighters After Falling Through A Frozen Lake

Being a firefighter is a job where no one day is ever the same. For firefighters of the Fire District #1 Of Johnson County in Kansas, the uncertainty of the job meant responding to a very unusual rescue.

The team of firefighters was called out to help sheriff’s deputies rescue a deer that had gotten into some trouble. The animal had fallen through the freezing cold waters of a lake in Edgerton and desperately needed help.

When they arrived, they had been informed by the property’s owner that the frightened animal had been stuck in the water for roughly 20 minutes. The deer was far enough from shore – roughly 50 feet from the lake’s shoreline.

Photo: Facebook / Fire District #1 Of Johnson County, KS

Sharing news about the rescue on their Facebook, the Fire Department wrote that as soon as their crew arrived on the scene, they put-on their special ice suits in order to get in there and rescue the deer. However, it turned out to be a pretty tough mission as the ice was 1-inch thick. Eventually, the crew was able to free the deer and get it back to shore.

As the post revealed, “The deer remained calm during the entire rescue. The deer was warmed up with blankets and then moved to a sunny area. Once the deer was warm enough, it eventually jumped back up and took off running with no injuries.”

Photo: Facebook / Fire District #1 Of Johnson County, KS

The post further stated that the deer was lucky to be able to have escaped its ordeal without any trouble. It was something that the department wrote should be a cautionary tale to humans about ice safety.

This isn’t the first time that the fire department has had to come to the aid of a deer in frozen trouble. Hopefully, the deer in the Kansas area will be a little more careful about crossing over ice.

Watch the rescue below:

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