Firefighters Rescue A Chubby Rat That Got Stuck In A Manhole

In a very strange twist, firefighters in Germany were called out to a rare rescue: a very chubby rat trapped in a manhole. The rotund rodent had become stuck inside the small hole in the sewer cover where he was wedged between the underground and the road.

The firefighters managed to free the little rat from his entrapment. The poor little rodent was very distressed and even ended up biting one of the firefighters’ gloves. The rat bit so hard, that he caused his tooth to bleed!

According to a Bild report, the rescue of the rodent took place in Bad Kreuznach, a town in the district of Rhineland-Palatinate which is right on the border that Germany shares with France, Belgium, and Luxemburg.

Photo: Freiwillige Feuerwehr Bad Kreuznach/Facebook

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In the end, the firefighters were able to free the little tubby rodent by lifting the manhole cover off the ground and then gently prodding the rat through using a wooden wedge.

But rather than just let him run off into the unknown, the firefighters loaded him up in a secure pet carrier and transported him to a local vet. There, the rat was treated with painkillers. He was also given food and allowed a few minutes to chill after his harrowing ordeal.

The story of the little rat’s harrowing rescue quickly made the viral rounds on Facebook, with many people expressing a sincere admiration for the compassion and care shown by those who helped to rescue the little rat.

Of course, this isn’t the first rat to find himself in a sticky situation. Last year in Bensheim, it took nine firefighters to help rescue another rat who’d gotten itself stuck in a noose. Stories like these are excellent reminders that all animals – no matter how big or small – are deserving of the same love and compassion as humans in need.

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