Firefighters Recruit Emotional Support Pig To Help At The Station

When thinking of an animal that lives at a firehouse, most people would probably think of a dalmatian. But for Brooklyng’s Engine 239 firehouse, instead of a dalmatian, they have a little piglet.

According to Brooklyn News 12, the piglet was adopted by firefighter Darren Harris. He named her Penny and introduced her to the other firefighters at his station and they fell in love.

Unlike a dalmatian might, the little pig doesn’t follow the firefighters to calls. While her buddies are away, Penny stays at the station and keeps watch over it, but when they return, she’s quick to greet them.

Photo: YouTube/Scripps National News

Harris explained to Brooklyn News 12 that the firefighters love chasing her around, petting her, and playing with her when they’re not on a call.

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“She’s definitely a breath of fresh air when we come back,” Harris said to the news station.

Photo: YouTube/Scripps National News

It’s not just the firefighters who’ve fallen in love with Penny, but people in the neighborhood have come to love her as well. Some will even stop in for a quick visit to pet her.

While Penny is an adorable 9-pound piglet right now, she’s expected to grow to 50 pounds by December and possibly larger after that. As you might expect, it’s increased the station’s food bill quite a bit, but the firefighters don’t mind.

Photo: YouTube/Scripps National News

Working as a first responder is an incredibly stressful job and Penny brings joy and comfort to everyone at the station.

Harris said everyone loves having Penny around, and they all quit eating pig.

Photo: Pixabay/Gerhard G.

Pigs are known to be smarter than dogs. They’re very sentient and experience fear, empathy, and other emotions similar to humans. It’s awesome to see Penny making such a positive impact on the lives of firefighters and finding her place in the world.

Watch the video below:

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