Volunteer Firefighter Risks His Life To Save Dog From Burning Barn

Firefighters responded to a call about a barn engulfed in flames on a property in Warwick Township, Pennsylvania. As they prepared to battle the flames, a neighbor came over and told one of the firefighters that a dog was trapped inside the burning barn.

Firefighter Ryan Balmer with Lititz Fire Company, an all-volunteer fire company, sprang into action and smashed a window to enter the burning building. Once inside, Balmer quickly located the scared dog and lifted her out of the window and to safety.

Screenshot: Facebook/Lititz Fire Company No. 1

The dog raced away from the barn and toward her humans.

Thankfully, no one was harmed in the rescue and the firefighters successfully extinguished the fire with the help of other local fires stations and EMS.

Screenshot: Facebook/Lititz Fire Company No. 1

The fire department posted the footage of the helmet camera worn by firefighter Balmer and wrote, “Typically when we arrive at a Barn Fire, especially when its fully involved when we arrive, we treat the situation as a “surround and drown” which means we surround the structure, protect any nearby exposures, and put massive amounts of water on the fire until it goes out.

“First in crews are responsible for stretching handlines, establishing water. It is not often a Barn fire is a rescue situation, but in this instance, it clearly was.

“We’re thankful for the quick actions of Firefighter Ryan Balmer on that day to save the life of the pup!”

Screenshot: Facebook/Lititz Fire Company No. 1

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The dog’s owners are not the only ones praising the brave firefighter. Hundreds of people thanked the hero for saving the sweet dog and all crews on scene. One person commented, “Awww…thank you to Firefighter Balmer and all the companies who put the fire out. That looked scary!”

The fire department posted the following disclaimer. “*DISCLAIMER * Before you watch this video, you may want to grab a tissue!!”

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