Firefighter Adopts The Puppy He Rescued From A Car Engine

If it weren’t enough to rescue a dog from a perilous situation, one firefighter went a step further and adopted the dog that he rescued – providing the pup a new lease on life AND a loving forever home.

The Dallas Fire-Rescue received a call for help regarding a puppy that was stuck under an SUV, according to KDFW. Firefighter James Hayes responded to the call alongside his team.

According to WKRG, a local named Maryanne Davidson shared that she was out walking near the White Rock area with some friends. After returning from their walk, Davidson noticed a dog under her friend’s SUV. After attempting to get the dog to move, they knew it was time to call for help.

Photo: Pixabay

She told the news station, “We saw that there was an animal underneath our vehicle. When we moved the car, the dog would move. We could not get this dog out of the car, so we call 311 and 911 in Dallas.”

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When the fire crew arrived, they immediately began assessing the situation and working to get the dog freed from under the car. The department shared a post on Facebook, explaining that they spent around two hours working to free the pup, which involved removing a tire from the vehicle.

Photo: Facebook/Dallas Fire-Rescue

Finally, they figured out that the dog, who they named Grace, was trapped in the engine compartment of the SUV and they were able to successfully free her. No one is quite sure how she became trapped there, but it seems as if fate played a role.

They said, “#Firefighters pulled out all the stops, including removing one of the tires so they could access the #puppy from the top and bottom of the engine compartment, to make sure she was safely removed and transferred.”

Photo: Facebook/Dallas Fire-Rescue

Grace was safely transferred from the rescue scene to the Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center for evaluation and homing. However, she didn’t have to wait there long to find a forever home – Hayes came in shortly after she was placed for adoption and offered her a loving home.

The department shared in their Facebook post, “if your hearts hadn’t been warmed enough by the rescue itself….Yesterday, the puppy, which was appropriately named #Grace, was officially adopted by one of the firefighters who helped to rescue her!”

WKRG shared that Hayes has a ranch and other animals, so Grace would have plenty of room to roam and company to keep her occupied.

Photo: Facebook/Dallas Fire-Rescue

It’s always great when a situation that could’ve ended tragically has a happy ending. Perhaps Grace knew just what she was doing when she became trapped in the SUV, or perhaps it was fate making moves in her favor.

The department summed it up best with their gratitude, saying, “Things like this don’t happen without the #compassion of multiple people. #Attaboy to the citizens who thought the value of an animal’s life important enough to call 911 in the first place…thank you to James Tooter Hayes for showing Grace the love and compassion she clearly hadn’t received prior to this past Saturday!”

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