Firefighter Adopts a Dog Rescued by His Coworkers

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Paterson, N.J., firefighters rescued a poodle mix in late March. The dog was trapped in a ravine in Garret Mountain Park. Volunteer firefighters had to rappel 50 feet (which took 3 hours) in order to reach the animal, who’s fur was long and matted. After the successful rescue attempt, the dog was given to the Animal Clinic of Morris Plains. Vets at the shelter helped the dog regain its strength and treated it for an infection. Once the animal was healed, spayed and vaccinated, it was put up for adoption.

Paul DiFalco took a trip to see the dog at the adoption center with his family in tow. He had heard about the animal from coworkers who had been present at the rescue. The family fell in love and brought the dog, that they named Easter, home.

“She looks like an Easter bunny with the red skin,” DiFalco told North Jersey.

Shelter staff member Stephanie Pearl decided to give Easter to the DiFalco family for several reasons: They live near the animal clinic and someone is generally home to look after the dog, who frequently gets skittish when left alone. About 50 families applied to get Easter.

“Just the fact that the dog was found the way it was,” Cheryl DiFalco told the source. “My heart broke and I just said, ‘I know we can give that dog a good home.'”

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