A Cat Rescued From Euthanasia Rescues His Human Right Back!

Tony is one incredible cat! He was saved by his human, Robin, just in time from euthanasia at a shelter. Then one day, 11 years later, he got to return the favor when their home had a massive fire.

This story, featured on Jackson’s Galaxy’s My Cat From Heaven, reaffirms EVERYTHING I have ever felt towards animals. Our furbabies are family! They bond to us just like we bond to them and that love is unbreakable. Just wait until you meet Tony. All I can say is: WOW!

Tony’s life was saved because his fire department was swift, heroic, and properly equipped. Not all fire departments are lucky enough to have the training and special masks required to resuscitate beloved pets after a fire. Every year, thousands of pets die as a result of house fires and smoke inhalation. We can change that, one oxygen mask at a time. Learn how you can help save lives!

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