Fire Departments Receive Oxygen Masks for Pets

While the number of pets killed in fires each year is not an officially kept statistic by the U.S. Fire administration, the number has been estimated to be as high as 150,000. Though pet death by fire is a very real danger, most people don't consider their pets when it comes to planning prevention and protection techniques for home emergencies. It's understandable – between ensuring that your home is equipped with fire extinguishers, flashlights and space heaters, you can easily overlook stocking your home with supplies to protect your four legged friend in the event of an emergency.

Nonetheless, pet owners can breathe a little more easily thanks to a program sponsored by Invisible Fence, a company that provides electronic fences for pet-owning residences. The initiative, called Project Breathe, provides local fire departments with oxygen masks for pets to stabilize animals' breathing while they're removed from homes. Each kit contains three masks in variable sizes, accounting for different types of pets. Invisible Fence has indicated that any fire or rescue unit in the U.S. or Canada is eligible for a kit, with some, such as the St. Paul, Minnesota Fire Department, receiving far more than one kit. To date, Project Breathe has donated over 10,000 masks across North America.

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