Incredible Footage Of A Cat Rescued From A 50 Foot Fir Tree

This is actual footage of a cat rescue 100 feet up in a fir tree in Oregon, and it’s not for the faint of heart. This little furry escape artist was really testing this climber but guess who prevails? Like he says: Don’t send up a bucket to do a climber’s job. Incredible!

My favorite part starts at 2:30. The rescuer’s “WHOO HOOO!” And then, “The cat is in the bag!” is just awesome! This is one rescuer who does not back down from a challenge and wow is it impressive!

Source: YouTube/KGW News
Source: YouTube/KGW News

Love animal rescues? ME TOO! Check out this rescue story about a dog named Diesel. He spent years chained up outside in the freezing cold. He couldn’t even put all his paws on the ground so he would alternate feet.

OMG! How horrible!

He spent his life totally isolated and the little bit of contact he did have was just cruel or unpleasant. Luckily, this deserving dog was rescued by the Animal Advocates. Diesel could say goodbye to the cold ground and yucky chain… FOREVER! YAY!

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