Fiona, Britain’s Loneliest Sheep, Rescued After Two Years in Isolation

Fiona, the sheep famously known as ‘Britain’s Loneliest Sheep,’ has finally found a home after spending over two years in solitude at the foot of a Scottish cliff.

Her story has captured the attention of people worldwide, but her journey from isolation to a new life has not been without its controversies.

Fiona the sheep was dubbed
Photo: Pexels
Fiona the sheep was dubbed “Britain’s Loneliest Cow.”

Fiona’s Isolation

Fiona’s ordeal began when a kayaker first spotted her in 2021, stranded at the bottom of a steep cliff in the Scottish Highlands, reports the New York Times. It is unclear how she ended up in such a predicament, but she had likely become separated from her mother or had simply wandered down the hill, finding herself trapped with no way to return.

Despite her isolation, Fiona had everything she needed to survive — access to shelter, food, and water.

The Rescue Mission

The mission to rescue Fiona was a collective effort involving a group of farmers who referred to themselves as “The Sheep Game,” UPI reports. These dedicated individuals, led by Cammy Wilson, a sheep shearer, used heavy equipment to lift Fiona up an incredibly steep slope to safety.

“I have never worked with a sheep as calm as she is,” Wilson told the BBC. “She has essentially had unlimited grass to eat for two years and she is what we would describe as fat in the sheep world.

The rescuers were concerned with the sheep’s physical condition, especially her weight, but the rescue mission proved a success. The rescue team was also responsible for naming her after the incident.

“There was a sheep called Shrek in Australia that was living in caves for years so this is the Scottish version,” Wilson said.

Controversy Surrounding Fiona’s New Home

Fiona’s rescue stirred a local dispute as animal rights activists voiced concerns about her new home at Dalscone Farm in Dumfries. Animal Rising, an animal rights group, had been monitoring Fiona’s situation and intended to provide her with a new home at an animal sanctuary near Glasgow, the Evening Standard reports. Their aims were to minimize human interference in Fiona’s life, which they voiced at a protest outside the farm.

A spokesperson for a protest told the Evening standard, “It was a peaceful, non-violent demonstration. We want Fiona to be rehomed at a sanctuary rather than a petting zoo.”

On the other side of the gate, the owners of the farm have said they felt “intimidated.”

The farm has temporarily closed for the winter season, giving Fiona the opportunity to adjust to her new surroundings and shed some weight, as she had become overweight due to her unrestricted access to grass, the NYT reports.

Fiona’s New Life

At her new home, Fiona will share a small pasture with other sheep, and enjoy a peaceful and comfortable life, free from the burdens of being a spectacle.

Fiona’s story is one of survival, resilience, and the power of collective effort. After two years of isolation, ‘Britain’s Loneliest Sheep,’ is no longer alone. She has found a new home at Dalscone Farm and can now look forward to a brighter future in the care of those dedicated to her well-being.

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