Documentary Film Crew Breaks ‘No Interference’ Rule To Rescue Trapped Penguins

There have been many nature documentaries in recent years and they have introduced us to what is in the world around us in ways that we may never have known before. This includes the BBC nature documentary series Dynasties.

One of the animals that was being filmed during this time was the Emperor penguins, and they found themselves in a crevice, trapped and unable to get out. The film crew knew that they were facing certain death, so they had to make a choice. Should they leave the animals to die and capture it on film or step in and do something about it?

Filmmakers doing documentary series will sometimes allow nature to take its course, even if it means tragic consequences. The crew decided to do something different in this situation, and give them a helping hand.

Photo: YouTube / BBC Earth

It seems as if the penguins lost their way in the middle of a storm and had fallen into a gully. Some of those penguins had their young with them, and it was a situation that continued to get direr. BBC Earth then made an “unprecedented move” and dug stairs so the penguins could get out of the gully on their own. The intervention did not bring any stress on the penguins nor harm them in any way and other wildlife filmmakers are applauding their decision.

You can see more about the situation in the following video:

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