Fido’s Is The World’s First Craft Beer Tap House And Foster Home For Adoptable Dogs

There is a bar that is serving more than just drinks – they’re serving up second chances to dogs in need.

Fido’s Tap House is a place where people can go for a drink, a meal, and a chance to play with some adorable rescue dogs.

Photo: Instagram / Fido’s Tap House

The bar was created by Scott Porter, who has dedicated a lot of his time to helping dogs in need. It sounds like the perfect spot for dog lovers.

Fido’s has partnered with Oregon Friends Of Shelter Animals, OFOSA, a rescue group with the mission to “save as many homeless adoptable animals as humanly possible, restore them to health, and find them loving forever homes.”

Photo: Instagram / Fido’s Tap House

On average, Fido’s will have between 4-8 adoptable dogs on-site who have come from OFOSA. Patrons can play with the dogs in the bar’s “day room,” as well as apply for adoption should they bond with a dog in particular.

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It costs $4 for a 30-minute play session with the dogs, but the money goes towards covering costs, as well as supporting charities.

Photo: Instagram / Fido’s Tap House

For the people who want to adopt, there’s a short waiting period in place in order to ensure that the person is not only willing to but also able to adopt the dog.

In addition, the entire family must come to meet the dog before being taken home in order to make sure that the dog will be a good fit in the family.

Photo: Instagram / Fido’s Tap House

So far, more than 70 dogs have been adopted through Fido’s.

On their Facebook and Instagram, Fido’s regularly posts about new foster dogs and successful adoption stories, as well as featuring their delicious food.

Photo: Instagram / Fido’s Tap House

Fido’s also has a habit of often partnering with other charities and hosting their events for free, as well as promoting their different missions.

The establishment also makes regular contributions to different charities.
Fido’s Taphouse certainly sounds like a great place to grab a bit and hangout, knowing that you’re helping to do something charitable.

Photo: Instagram / Fido’s Tap House

If you want to learn more about Fido’s you can click here, or click this link to get more information on OFOSA.

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