“Fido Bags” Help First Responders Save Two Dogs From Burning Home

Sometimes, even the most heartbreaking tragedies have a silver lining. In July of 2020, four dogs and a cat in Colleton County, South Carolina were killed when the motorhome they were being transported in caught fire. Several other people and pets were injured as well. They were on their way to a dog show.

The incident inspired the Fetch Foundation, which calls itself a “unique 501c3 non-profit organization creating programs that save pets lives,” to donate “Fido bags” to Colleton County Fire-Rescue teams in the hopes that first responders would be able to save the lives of more pets in the future.

The bags contain information and supplies like portable water bowls, O2 masks designed for canines, and more. The specialized equipment can make all the difference when seconds count.

In March of 2021, almost a year after the tragic deaths that inspired the donation, these Fido bags saved the lives of two dogs.

PHOTO: FACEBOOK / The fetch Foundation

City of Walterboro firefighters responded to a call on Wednesday morning about a single-story home that had quickly caught fire. When they arrived, the flames were high and spewing thick, black smoke into the air. While they were well-prepared to minimize the danger to the surrounding area and support the building’s structure, they were caught off guard by what they found inside.

Fortunately, they were assisted by Colleton County firefighters as well, because shortly after beginning to extinguish the blaze, they discovered two dogs that had been trapped in the collapsing home. Smoke inhalation had rendered both of them limp, non-responsive, and dangerously close to death.

PHOTO: FACEBOOK / The fetch Foundation
PHOTO: FACEBOOK / Glendale Fire Department

Colleton County firefighters quickly leapt into action with their Fido bags and began working on the first-discovered dog.

They then switched their attention to the second dog, who was located shortly after the first and in worse condition. 45 tense minutes passed, as the firefighters put their specialized tools to work saving the dogs’ lives.

PHOTO: FACEBOOK / The fetch Foundation

Fortunately, both survived! Thanks to the Fido bags and the well-trained first responders, tragic pet deaths are being prevented all across Colleton County.

They’ve recently expanded the Fido bag program to cover every fire truck in the county, ensuring that the area’s pets are well cared for.

Find out more about the Fetch Foundation and help support their goal to “place a Fido Bag in every station in the nation” at their official website!

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