Foster Mom Shares Heartbreaking Goodbye With Beloved Senior Pit Bull, “I Loved Him From Day 1”

It was love at first sight for foster mom, Nina, when she met a senior pit bull named Louis. The sweet dog was surrendered by his owner who could no longer care for him to a LA shelter where Frosted Faces Foundation (FFF) rescued him from.

Louis arrived with several health problems and needed immediate medical care. Nina stepped up to foster the old boy in February 2023 and recalls, “I loved him from day 1 and secretly (or probably not so secretly) hoped that he would never get adopted because I loved him so much. Louis got along with my pack immediately and fit in like he had always been with us. He was the SWEETEST boy and such an ambassador for the pittie breed. I never heard him bark once in 8 months and he would never hurt a fly!”

Photo: Facebook/Frosted Faces Foundation

She went on to say that he was a gentle dog, except when taking treats. “You had to watch your fingers when giving him a treat unless you wanted to lose your fingers! But you could never be mad (even if he chomped on your fingers) because of his eyes…he had the most insanely sweet eyes so he usually got more treats or whatever else he wanted.”

Photo: Facebook/Frosted Faces Foundation

Just like most old dogs, he had good and bad days. Sadly, he started to have more bad days and one bad day led to the worst day.

Nina shared what happened with FFF, “I thought Wednesday was a bad day and he would bounce back on Thursday. I gave him extra snuggles that night and kissed him good night. He slept well but Thursday morning he woke up and was panting (which was abnormal) and had pale gums. Jennifer Rothman (my angel) immediately gave me the green light to take him to FF. I had him in the back seat so I could hold his paw while I drove and told him I loved him over and over. At one point, I felt tingling in his leg and when I was able to look back, I realized that he was no longer breathing. I was shocked. I knew my time with Louis was probably limited but I didn’t think I would lose him so soon. My biggest wish is that he heard my voice telling him how much he was loved.”

Photo: Facebook/Frosted Faces Foundation

Louis was 17 years old and was loved beyond measure for the last 8 months of his life. “I’m devastated to share that my bestest boy, Louis, passed away on Thursday, October 19,” his heartbroken mom shared with FFF.

She made sure to thank all of the people who helped and loved Louis. It truly takes a village and together they were able to give a senior dog several more happy months of life.

Nina concluded the post by saying, “I wish I could have known Louis for longer. I know he was probably such a playful and stubborn pup but I’m honored to have been able to take care of him and love him these last 8 months. I love you Louis and I hope you are running around pain free with all the other FF’s who were waiting for you.”

Photo: Facebook/Frosted Faces Foundation

Nina and all those who helped care for Louis are heroes in our eyes. They made sure he left this world knowing he was loved, and that is all anyone can ask for.

Fostering is a great way to help shelter pets and animal shelters are always looking for more foster families. Learn more about Frosted Faces Foundation and how you can help by visiting their website.

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