This Ferret Was Given A Bucket Of Snow. When He First Sees It, His Reaction Is Priceless!

One of my favorite pastimes as a child was playing in the snow. Growing up in New York, I’ve experienced countless snowstorms and had the opportunity to play in the snow many times. Not everyone can be so lucky though; some people have gone their whole lives without seeing snow!

But I’m definitely not the only one who loves the snow. This little guy takes loving snow to a whole new level! This ferret’s humans filled a big bucket with snow and set it down on the floor. The ferret took one look at it and his eyes lit up. He immediately jumped into the bucket and started digging through the snow and rolling around in it. He’s definitely in ferret heaven! It makes me happy to see him so happy! For him, all it takes is a little bit of snow to brighten his day! Watch him enjoy the snow in the video below:

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