Hardworking Donkey Is Dumped Like Trash After An Injury But What Happens Next Is AWESOME

Sadly, Fernando’s original owners were more focused on monetary gain than anything of real value. This hardworking donkey, who busted his rump for 20 years, injured his foot, deeming him of no value to the selfish farmers. Instead of tending to his medical needs, they dumped him in the middle of nowhere.

Fate stepped in, thankfully, and a passerby found Fernando while walking her dog and called Mino Valley Animal Sanctuary. They knew they could help Fernando but transportation became a huge challenge. What better way to ask for help than to ask for it on social media? And guess what… IT WORKED! The plea on Facebook reached a firefighter who offered his help and his truck!

Now, Fernando is living happily. Where he is loved and appreciated, like he deserves! YAY!

Here’s a video featuring all the amazing things Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary does. Fernando makes an appearance and you will see just how lovable this guy is!

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