I Had No Idea That Disneyland Supported Feral Cats At The Park! What An Incredible Idea!

Disney has referred to their parks as “the most magical place on earth” since their inception. Part of that magic comes from the immaculate condition the parks are kept in, with around 600 people working overnight at the park to make sure it stays flawless. However, not all the credit goes to the humans. It turns out that Disneyland also “employs” feral cats in the park! By following the Trap-Neuter-Release philosophy, they manage to keep the population manageable and healthy ! The herculean effort they put into being partners with these furry inhabitants is breathtaking, especially for such a huge company. Along with the above link, you can check out the LA TIMES article about the work Disney does after hours, including their partnership with the cats. This goes a long way to show just how magical they are!

Also, you can see one of the many cats at Disneyland being absolutely sweet and amazing in this video!


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